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Wireless Voice & Data, Inc. understands that two-way radios play a vital role for seamless communications in many different industries. Our wireless communications solutions can be designed to the exact needs for your business or industry. We have partnered with Kenwood and Icom and other manufacturers to provide state-of-the-art communication solutions.

We are and Authorized Kenwood and Icom two-way radio dealer serving Northern California, San Francisco, and the Bay Area. We serve customers all over the country, please click here to see our local service area.

Our Solutions Include:

  • Analog Portable Two-way Radios/Walkie Talkies
  • Digital Portable Two-way Radios/Walkie Talkies
  • Analog Mobile Radios
  • Digital Mobile Radios
  • Repeaters
  • Push-To-Talk and POC Solutions
  • Dispatch Solutions
  • Two-way Radio Accessories
  • Applications and Software
  • Airports
  • Factory
  • First Responders
  • Hospitality
  • Hotels & Casinos
  • Manufacturing & Plant
  • Mass Transport
  • Railways
  • Retail
  • Security Guard
  • Schools
  • Utilities

An airport has to accommodate a large number of staff in one location and so radio traffic can reach very high levels. Yet it is essential to be ready to deal with fast-moving developments and potential disasters, with a high level of security. For this reason, commands from a control center have to be prioritized over calls between radios. Solutions that perfectly match the scale of your operations are available using Icom and KENWOOD radios.

Factories and industrial units are typically subject to all sorts of ambient noise. Even in such an environment, KENWOOD sound optimization technology accurately replicates natural human speech nuances for superior voice quality. And there is no cause for concern just because your enterprise still uses FM analog equipment: Icom and KENWOOD digital radios switch between digital and analog modes, which also allows for seamless migration at your own pace.

Round-the-clock public safety operations – involving the police and fire departments as well as EMS – are often extremely demanding for both personnel and equipment. Icom and KENWOOD radios are ruggedly robust and able to offer clear, reliable mission-critical communications in noisy environments. Additionally, upgrades are available for enhanced safety and security.

HOSPITALITY In the hospitality industry, employees need to look smart in suits or uniforms, making our slim radios the perfect choice. And if some FM equipment is still in use, Icom and KENWOOD radios will switch automatically between digital and analog modes as needed, allowing staff to concentrate on customer service.

In a hotel, where a great number of radio calls are typically concentrated within a single building, Icom and KENWOOD radios solutions offer capacity and coverage facilitates quick call setup even when traffic is heavy. Dynamic control channel switchover capability gives the system the “smarts” to temporarily employ a traffic channel as a call channel when traffic is exceptionally busy, enhancing efficiency even further.

Scalability is essential for radio communications at such large sites as refineries, industrial complexes and ports. Icom and KENWOOD radio solutions make it easy to expand capacity and coverage for such facilities. And thanks to outstanding spectrum efficiency and stability, a very large number of users dispersed across the country can communicate smoothly using multiple sites on the same network.

Solutions that meet the communication needs of municipal transportation systems include Icom and KENWOOD radio soluitions. And if your company wants to operate an extensive interstate or even nationwide system of up to 1,000 sites, Enhanced Multi-Site Trunking is the answer. Moreover, the KENWOOD mobile radio lineup includes models with built-in GPS, enabling precise GPS-based management of a mass transport system.

Railway operations that cross state/country borders require large-scale multi-site systems with wide coverage. For such operations, look to KENWOOD’s Enhanced Multi-Site Trunking system that offers server-based centralized control for up to 1,000 sites. Mixed mode allows FM analog radios to be used alongside digital, and you also have the freedom to choose which digital protocol to implement.

In a retail environment, it is vital to have smooth communications and coordination between staff members. One reason why KENWOOD radios are ideal for such applications is Voice Announcement: you can confirm the channel number without looking at the display. And to ensure energy efficiency both Icom and KENWOOD digital radios offer longer battery life and a software-based intelligent battery management system.

Security companies have radio requirements similar to those of the public safety industry. Icom and KENWOOD solutions meet and surpass these needs. KENWOOD features include Call Interruption, which can give priority to an interrupting call for rapid response, and the Lone Worker function which enhances safety.

From school districts to college campuses, handheld and mobile radios are playing an increasingly important role in administration. Icom and KENWOOD radio solutions make it possible to create a site with a modest investment that is ideal for managing school bus fleets, etc. And since both Icom and KENWOOD radios excel in audio quality, communications are consistently clear, eliminating the sort of misunderstandings typically caused by noisy connections.

Utilities provide the essential infrastructure for daily life which needs to be protected around the clock from malfunctions. Enhanced Multi-Site Trunking can monitor system operations 24/7 from multiple locations. And thanks to the protocol’s increased GPS capacity, it is now easier to manage the deployment of maintenance vehicles, providing vital support to the crews working to ensure uninterrupted utility operations.