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From handheld radios to turnkey mission/operation-critical systems for enterprise and public safety applications, we offer comprehensive communications solutions for any field, any industry, and any application. Whatever your business, confidence in communications is crucial to success. Seamless coordination demands a radio system that ensures immediacy, clarity and 24/7 reliability. Yet individual requirements can vary widely: levels of coverage, capacity and control all need to be considered to create the optimum system. That’s why we offer customized solutions that provide optimum performance and reliability.

Drawing on the extensive experience that underpins the KENWOOD brand, augmented with the specialist expertise of key affiliates EFJohnson and Zetron, we can offer a package that is tailor made for your business, including all hardware – from radios, repeaters and accessories to command & control consoles – multi-protocol support (NXDN, DMR and P25), robust after-sales service and regular software updates.

  • Solution Package provided by KENWOOD
  • Indoor/Outdoor Positioning and Tracking
  • Unified Messaging and Mapping
  • Hospitality Service Integration

KENWOOD understands that customers want solutions, not just equipment. That’s why we have worked extensively with our development partners, whose expertise covers many industries, to integrate our products and services with their proven technologies. The resulting turnkey solutions fully exploit the capabilities of the communications hardware and software; performance has been verified in our quality assurance labs.

Integrated solutions directly from KENWOOD save you time, money, and effort. We have the resources to identify the optimum combination of equipment and software for your needs, so you get a better result as well as a single source for purchasing and support.

We at KENWOOD understand that our customers want solutions, not just equipment. Our development partners have deep expertise in many industries and we have worked with those partners to integrate our products and services with their technologies. These partnerships enable us to provide those turnkey solutions.

KENWOOD has evaluated these featured solutions in our development and quality assurance labs, worked extensively with our solution partners to understand the ins and outs, and helped our featured solution partners to fully exploit the capabilities of the KENWOOD communications hardware and software.

Integrated solutions directly from KENWOOD save you time, money, and effort that would otherwise be spent trying to identify the combination of equipment and software necessary to meet your needs. KENWOOD has the resources and expertise necessary to perform these tasks in-depth. In the end, you get a better result and a single source for purchasing and support.

Indoor/Outdoor Positioning and Tracking
The solution to almost every problem starts with being able to find the right people to solve it. Whether the reason is to shorten response times, inform the person guiding responses, monitor for user safety, or make sure that staff is deployed correctly, an Indoor/Outdoor positioning system provides the answer where GPS based systems will not work.

Unified Messaging and Mapping
Two-way communication needs are not always limited to people carrying a company radio. Sometimes being able to inform and get the status of others via cell phone or email is required. Especially in rural areas, even users with a radio may sometimes be unreachable by radio but still reachable by cell phone. This featured solution allows you to track resources and stay in touch, supplementing or possibly replacing the need for two-tone pagers.

Hospitality Service Integration
Hospitality is an incredibly competitive business and taking care of the customer better than your competition is the secret to getting and keeping customers. Communication is an absolute requirement but it’s not sufficient. Combine the ability to coordinate tasks instantly with the ability to tie into the workflow and scheduling capabilities of industry leading HotSoS software and you are well on your way.

In our fast-moving world, knowing the locations of the people you rely on is critical. GPS can pinpoint them outdoors, but satellite signals are often unreliable indoors, blocked by walls or other structures. Something else is needed: our Indoor/Outdoor Positioning and Tracking solution, developed jointly with ZONITH.

A positioning and tracking system helps you to get the right resource to the right place at the right time – all fully visible from your office. Indoor Bluetooth beacons combined with GPS enable the real-time tracking, reporting and recording of each person’s location and status.

When an emergency call is received from a radio, an alert is automatically triggered. Positional information can then be used to provide rapid assistance. Similarly, an alert is triggered when an employee enters an area that is restricted or unrelated to their duties. And after the immediate needs of an incident have been addressed, our solution also provides support for documentation and response improvement.

This solution delivers rapid and sustainable improvements in safety and efficiency while reducing overheads – plus the ability to audit your field staff and assets.


NEXEDGE System Portable Radio
Direct, Conventional Repeater, Gen1 Type-C Trunking NXDN Digital Radio with built-in Bluetooth

Features & Benefits
For smooth coordination, Real Time Location Services (RTLS) need to be integrated into a single, simple to use tool. This solution, implemented with our development partner ZONITH, offers:

  • Enhanced worker safety
  • Increased productivity
  • Shorter response times
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced and controlled operation costs.

Implementing this solution will facilitate your day-to-day operations in countless ways, providing the following capabilities

  • Locate people indoors using Bluetooth and people outdoors using GPS
  • Receive location information with all emergency calls and be certain of the last known location of a worker on receipt of a Lone Worker or Man Down alarm
  • Set up procedures for a response team and reporting rules for automatic notifications
  • Dynamically create a geo-fenced perimeter around an incident to monitor traffic around the scene and trigger notifications if workers enter a restricted/dangerous area
  • Use location information to update operational status or availability
  • Protect your workers before, during, and after an incident
  • Perform real-time audits of radio equipment in operation
  • Track arrival and departure times for analysis and proof of action
  • Assess response times and resources to drive operations
  • Plan staffing needs and location for events or day-to-day business

When there’s an incident – a fire, derailing or traffic accident – every minute counts. It’s vital that you can locate and communicate with your team from the get-go. And for this you can rely on our Unified Messaging and Mapping solution.

From the 1960s, two-tone pagers have been used to alert volunteer firefighters of an incident, but today everyone carries a device vastly more sophisticated than a pager: the smartphone, equipped with GPS for accurate geolocation. Our cost-effective solution combines radios with phones and other communications assets to create a unified messaging and mapping system.

By simply sending an email to the server, you can be sure your instructions will be automatically relayed to all of the radios and phones carried by your team. Also by using GPS data, you can instantly see where your first responders are, and then issue instructions by voice or text. Their locations are logged to create a record that can be reviewed later to aid in improving response strategies or to support an accident investigation.

This solution delivers rapid and sustainable improvements in safety and efficiency while reducing overheads – plus the ability to audit your field staff and assets.


NEXEDGE System Portable Radio
Direct, Conventional Repeater,Type-C Trunking NXDN Digital Radio

Features & Benefits
For a complete solution, use of the Elert cell phone application and Datagate messaging server offers several powerful capabilities:

  • Notify by phone or radio all or selected volunteers of an incident
  • Leverage existing devices such as cell phones to reduce costs and add a level of redundancy
  • Reach participants who do not have radios, extending the notification area to include all cell phone coverage
  • Defeat out-of-range paging issues
  • Deploy the closest responders
  • Quickly receive acknowledgment from each firefighter with a phone: Not Attending, OK to Station, or OK Direct (or preset radio message)
  • Eliminate the lost time and potential confusion of verbal-only instructions by using messages
  • Get estimated time of arrival using phone app
  • Identify the location of GPS-equipped radios and phones carried by volunteers
  • Establish geo-fenced perimeters and receive automatic notification when personnel enter or leave the incident area

Additionally, the tracking, reporting and recording of each person’s GPS data and status provides continuous confidence in the location of staff and assets. This information also enables rapid and sustainable improvements in safety and efficiency, plus the ability to audit your field staff and assets.

Guests talk a lot about relaxing stays at great hotels, but they know little about what the hospitality industry must do to make that a reality. For example, when a guest asks an employee for something, they assume all the staff knows what they want – and they expect immediate results.

Ensuring this level of coordination and workflow management is challenging, but not impossible – thanks to our solution, Hospitality Service Integration, developed in cooperation with Datalink Systems Inc.

KENWOOD radio systems make communication with your staff easy. But it requires tight integration between your communications system and workflow tools to deliver service that exceeds expectations. Hotel Property Management System links the work everyone is doing to the prioritized needs of the guests – whether that is servicing a room, scheduling special requests, dispatching security, or ordering flowers.


NEXEDGE System Portable Radio
Direct, Conventional Repeater,Type-C Trunking NXDN Digital Radio

Features & Benefits
Major hotels and convention centers are overwhelmingly choosing hotel property management systems to schedule and optimize their services. KENWOOD’s solution, implemented in coordination with our development partner Datalink Systems Inc., offers many capabilities:

  • Put a customer care plan in motion using messages
  • Eliminate “slow service”
  • Assign, monitor and evaluate staff performance
  • Schedule preventative maintenance and receive instant notification
  • Tie special preparations to specific guests

Implementing our solution means that you are free to plan with flexibility, delegate to appropriate teams, track and improve your responses to optimize customer satisfaction.

  • Trigger notifications for different teams based on customer input
  • Assign tasks to roles to prevent dropped responses
  • Assign tasks to individuals for a specific approach or skillset
  • Confirm the correct people or equipment are in a specific location
  • Deliver service requests to various teams automatically
  • Ensure front desk requests are transferred appropriately
  • Plan staffing needs for events or day-to-day business
  • Automate task scheduling and preventative maintenance
  • See real-time status of requests in progress with messages
  • Tie customer requests to reservations
  • Assess response times and resources business