IAS 120DU / 159DV

Icom IAS 120D

IAS 120DU / 159DV

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High-Power Digital + Analog Repeater

The Modular design of the IAS 120DU and the IAS 59DV allows for quick and easy deployment, routine maintenance and re-configuration. Add additional base stations/repeaters without having to add additional rack space.

Included Components:

  • Icom IC-FR5000/FR6000.
  • 70 Amp power supply with smart charging external battery technology – modular design load capacity and expandable to 140 a load capacity.
  • 15 Amp A/C surge suppression panel with 1750 joules A/C surge suppression – SASD technology.
  • 2 RU PA unit, with an input of 1-3 Watts and an output of 2 - 120 Watts (UHF) or 2 - 150 Watts (VHF) output. Operates on DC voltage.

Frequency band:

Frequency range:
VHF: 136-150MHz / 150-174MHz
UHF 440-520MHz / 440-520MHz

Power Output:

Number of Channels/Groups/Zones:

Channel spacing:

Dimensions H x W x D (with standard battery)

Weight (with standard battery)

Keypad / Keys


Operating temperature

Mil spec

IP Standards


  • 2 RU chassis design reduces overall space requirements
  • Built-in IP GUI for remote access
  • Control and monitor over 16 sensors and alarms via SNMP v2C
  • 5 internal heat sensors protect against failure
  • 4 programmable GPIO
  • 1 RU 50 Amp power supply with battery backup
  • 15 Amp surge panel with 1750 joules AC suppression – SASD technology
  • SNMP capable in MultiTrunk mode with UC-FR5000 + CFFR5000MT

Third-party components noted are subject to change or substitution.

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  • IAS 120DU1 PS 440-470MHz 120W public safety repeater
  • IAS 120DU2 PS 470-490MHz 120W public safety repeater
  • IAS 150DV PS 136-174MHz 150W public safety repeater