KENWOOD NXR-5900 / 5901


NXR-5900 / 5901

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Over 7 times faster and with 15 times more capacity than the previous models, the KENWOOD NXR-5900 and NXR-5901 NEXEDGE repeaters represent a breakthrough in performance. Extensive data storage means they can support everything from analog/digital conventional systems up to a highly sophisticated NEXEDGE Generation2 (Gen2) multi-site digital trunked network. And further adding to their future-proof credentials is upcoming support for Digital Simulcast. Stay ahead of the curve, with cutting-edge communications.

Frequency Band:

Frequency Range:
806-825 MHz, 851-870 MHz (NXR-5900)
896-902 MHz, 935-941 MHz (NXR-5901)

Power Output:
360 mW to 100 mW

Number of Channels/Groups/Zones:
1 Channel

Channel spacing:
25/12.5 kHz Analog
12.5/6.25 kHz Digital

Dimensions W x H x D
19.02 x 1.73 x 13.03 in

11 lb

Keypad / Keys
No Keypad

Two-Digit Numeric Display

Operating temperature
-22°F to +140°F 

Mil spec

IP Standards

  • 0.36/0.1 W Exciter Output Power
  • USB 2.0 Type-B Interface
  • IP LAN/WAN Connectivity
  • Ethernet Network Interface
  • 6 Programmable Function Keys
  • 0.3 W Front Panel Speaker
  • 3 W External Speaker Audio
  • Audio Volume Control
  • Program / Modem Interface
  • Remote Termination Interface
  • Programmable AUX I/O's
  • DTMF Remote Control
  • Flash Firmware Upgrading
  • Remote System Firmware Updates
  • Telephone Interconnect Option

NOTE: The NXR-5900/5901 works only as a duplex repeater. This product does not support simplex base operation.

No Accessories List at present

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  • NXR-5700K Repeater, Digital, VHF, 136-174MHz, 25W, 0.5ppm TCXO built-in
  • NXR-5800K Repeater, Digital, UHF, 450-520MHz, 25W, 0.5ppm TCXO built-in
  • NXR-5800K3 Repeater, Digital, UHF, 400-470MHz, 25W, 0.5ppm TCXO built-in