TKR-D710 / D810


TKR-D710 / D810

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To extend the effective coverage of your DMR radios, you can install one or more repeaters that receive and retransmit signals from portable and mobile radios.

Capable of outputting up to 50 W in the VHF range, and up to 40 W in the UHF range, the TKR-D710 and the TKR-D810 repeaters are compatible with the DMR Tier II air interface operating in both digital conventional and FM analog conventional modes. Both 12.5 and 25 kHz channels are supported for FM (VHF and UHF). Features include a 2-digit LED display, 6 backlit programmable functions keys, and 15 QT/DQT repeater controls. Additional features offered via repeater software upgrade include Call Interruption, Intersite Voice/ Data Message Call, User List, 10 console sessions, 100 groups, and encryption pass-through.

Frequency band:

Frequency range:
136-174 MHz (TKR-D710)
450-520 MHz 400-470 MHz (TKR-D810)

Power Output:
5-50W (TKR-D710) / 5-40W (TKR-D810)

Number of Channels/Groups/Zones:
1 Channel

Channel spacing:
25/12.5 kHz Analog / 12.5 kHz Digital

Dimensions W x H x D
19 x 3-1/2 x 13-1/3 in

21.4 lb

Keypad / Keys
No Keypad

Two-Digit LED Display

Operating temperature
-22° F to +140° F

Mil spec

IP Standards

  • DMR Digital Air Interface
    • Tier II Conventional
    • Conventional IP Network
  • Mixed Mode Operation - Digital / Analog FM
  • RF Power Down Detection
  • AIS IP Console Interface
  • Call Interrupt
  • Repeater Operation
  • Two-Digit LED Display
  • 6 Illuminated Programmable Function Keys
  • Programmable AUX I/O’s
  • RF Power Down Detect
  • DTMF Front Panel PF Key Control (Analog Only)
  • DTMF AUX Output Control (Analog Only)
  • DTMF AUX Input Monitoring (Analog Only)
  • Windows® PC Programming
  • Flash Firmware Upgrading

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  • TKR-D710K Repeater, Digital, VHF, 136-174MHz, 5-50W
  • TKR-D810K Repeater, Digital, UHF, 450-520MHz, 5-40W
  • TKR-D810K2 Repeater, Digital, UHF, 400-470MHz, 5-40W